Singing Lessons Edmonton

Musicworks Canada is the premier destination for music lessons throughout Canada. We offer singing lessons in Edmonton, as well as violin, guitar, ukulele, drum, piano, theory, and brass & woodwind lessons in many locations across the country. No matter where you are in Canada, Musicworks has something to offer!

Music Lessons Offered by Musicworks Canada

Singing or vocal lessons will help students develop confidence and bring their passion for music alive. Our instructors offer guidance on proper breathing techniques, pitch control exercises, and an introduction to various musical styles, including classical and contemporary pop/rock. We also have a wide range of repertoire available so that each singer can find a style they love.

Violin lessons provide students with a solid foundation of technique as well as improvisation skills based on close listening, analysis, and practice. Students will be taught the basics of rhythm, ear training, sight-reading, and music theory, while also having the opportunity to explore a range of repertoire, including classical and popular genres.

Guitar lessons are tailored to each student’s individual needs and aspirations. Lessons include instruction on proper technique, basic music theory, and an introduction to jazz, blues, and rock styles, with opportunities for improvisational work as well. We have various levels, of course, available from beginner to advanced.

Ukulele lessons offer a unique approach as they are smaller than other stringed instruments making them easier to learn. Students can expect an introduction to chords and finger-picking techniques as well as learning songs in various styles.

Drum lessons are conducted in a variety of genres and focused on introducing students to the essential rhythms, grooves, and techniques needed to become an effective drummer. Lessons cover topics such as basic drumming technique, rudiments, reading, and groove development, as well as developing a repertoire of popular music styles.

Piano lessons provide an introduction to a wide range of musical styles, from classical to improvisation. Students will learn notes, chords, and scales while having the opportunity to explore all the possibilities that come with playing the piano.

Theory lessons offer insight into notation, composition, and arrangement for numerous instruments, including piano, guitar, and vocals. This subject is designed for those wanting to enhance their understanding of rhythm and structure when creating music.

Brass & woodwind lessons are designed to introduce students to a range of instruments such as the trumpet, saxophone, and flute. Students will learn the basics of instrument technique, basic music theory, and improvisation skills necessary for successful performance.

Online lessons provide convenience and flexibility with the same quality of instruction offered in person. Our instructors use video conferencing technology to offer personalized teaching sessions to our students no matter where they are located in Canada.

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At Musicworks, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their musical talents and find an instrument or style of music that speaks to them. Our instructors are highly experienced and committed to helping you reach your goals with personalized attention tailored specifically to each student’s individual needs.

We take pride in providing quality instruction combined with a fun and supportive learning environment. With our extensive selection of lessons available online, as well as in-person across Canada, we make sure that everyone has access to the resources they need for musical growth and exploration. Contact us today to start your journey!

Singing Lessons Edmonton

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Singing Lessons Edmonton

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Moody Reviews

These pads feel *heavenly* to wear. Soft, barely noticeable but not too lightweight, and they stay in place all day!!! I love them, I can’t wait to get my next paycheck so I can order more. :) these were my first experience with the switch to reusables and I’m very impressed. If anyone else is on the edge of starting this route, GO FOR IT. Especially if you’ve ever suffered from itchiness from those plastic pad materials..this is so much better.


It's my first time buying reusable pads and I'm really happy with this pair. The print and design sold me, but the comfort and reliability have exceeded my expectations. They work for daytime and overnight use with no problems compared to disposable pads. Wish I bought these sooner. They're a total game changer for periods.


Beautiful pattern, expertly stitched, and lovely seller. Beyond happy. Very fast shipping too! Thank you so much!!! ❤️


High-quality, low maintenance reusable pads! Really nice, and they do stain but that can’t really be helped aside from doing a quick handwash before tossing it in the machine. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!


These are the best!! They are not bulky and the fabric is so comfortable. I have tried shapes and patterns from several of the best selling shops and these are my favorite.


I like that they have metal snaps! The ones I have with plastic snaps do not last as long. I think these will hold up for a few years. Thank you!

Confusion Checkpoint

I know right!? Ok, so cloth menstrual pads are a washable, reusable alternative to disposable pads. Pretty sweet, right?

  • The regular absorbency pads are good for light to moderate flows. They are 100% cotton, with a layer of terry cloth (towel material) inside for absorbency. Cotton is a moisture wicking and breathable fabric, which allows menstrual fluid to dry rapidly, keeping you comfy and dry. This also means that these cloth pads can absorb a surprising amount of fluid!
  • The heavy absorbency pads are perfect for moderate to heavy flows. Heavy pads are longer than regular pads. These pads are primarily cotton, with cotton flannel and terry cloth for absorbency and breathability. Additionally, they have a layer of polyurethane laminate (PUL) inside. This is a waterproof, laminated fabric that protects you from leakage. In the heavy pads, the PUL lining is in the pad core (the part that’s shaped like a peanut)!
  • The overnight cloth pads are great for heavy flows, and for overnight use. Overnight pads are longer than heavy pads, and flare out at each end. These pads are made of cotton flannel, cotton terry cloth, and PUL lining. In the overnights, the PUL lining extends throughout the entire base of the pad, so even the wings are leakproof!

Cloth liners are lovely for really light days, and as a backup for a tampon or menstrual cup. They are made of five layers of cotton. They are soft, barely noticeable, and peace of mind for that bit of protection.

Moody V regular absorbency pads and cloth liners are made with 100% cotton, which makes your down-there oh-so happy. Cotton is a breathable, moisture wicking fabric that creates a difficult environment for yucky bacteria like yeast to grow. 

Disposable pads are mostly synthetic, which is fully not nice to your body. They’re made out of bleached wood pulp (what the?) and non-biodegradable materials.

Moody V’s heavy cloth pads and overnight cloth pads are also primarily cotton. They have a polyurethane lining inside, which keeps moisture from leaking through. This lining is non-biodegradable (I know, it sucks). But remember, you’re not just gonna throw it away, you’ll probably use it like, 100 times.

The regular absorbency pads are made with cotton flannel and cotton terry cloth (like a towel material). Liners are just cotton flannel. Ugh! So simple! Love that!

The heavy cloth menstrual pads and overnight cloth pads are made with cotton flannel, cotton terry cloth, and polyurethane laminate. Ugh! Slightly less simple but still wow amazing and great! Love that!

Look at the “Wh-. . . What? Who? Where? What?” question at the top of this FAQ page to learn out each variety of pads work!

Method 1: Rinse with cold water ASAP to reduce staining. Machine wash cold, then air dry thoroughly to maintain a nice shape.

Method 2: Machine wash cold, tumble dry.*

*Method 2 gets your pad clean and ready to use again real quick, but may result in light staining and scrunching-up in the dryer. (Stains fade over time and you can stretch the pad gently with your hands to un-scrunch it.)

Some folks like to keep a container of cool water in their bathroom so they can soak their pads until they’re ready to wash them. This helps remove stains without using chemicals or potentially fabric-damaging products.

It’s recommended to avoid using fabric softener, as it makes fabric less absorbent.

Another good rule of thumb is not to use anything on your pads you wouldn’t wash your underwear with. Your pads are gonna be up close and personal with a sensitive area, so avoid harsh or irritating chemicals when washing them.

Cloth pads contain several layers of fabric, which means it might need extra time drying. Make sure they’re super dry out of the dryer or dry them in the sun to prevent mildew. Do be aware that sun-drying can result in fabric discoloration.

See more Frequently Asked Questions!