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Microblading Fort Collins

Making up your eyebrows every day to give them a full-filling look is a bothersome task. To help you look more beautiful and to give your thin eyebrows a natural thick look, the cosmetic industry has come up with the idea of microblading.

Whether you call it a natural semi-permanent makeup or refer to it as eyebrow tattooing, microblading has enabled people to avoid the hassle of penciling their eyebrows for hours and hours just to get the perfect shape.


Microblading is a unique and amazing way of giving your paper-thin eyebrows the shape and thickness that you so desperately desire. It is a sort of cosmetic tattooing procedure that fills in the thin areas of your eyebrow to make them look fuller.

The technique uses a pen-like tool containing 12-15 small needles. These tiny fine needles deposit pigments into the upper layer of the skin giving your eyebrows the naturally thick look. But unlike permanent cosmetics such as tattooing microblading may last up to 3 years.


Microblading is a fine way of reconstructing your eyebrows that adds color and shape to them. This technique simply puts fine hair strokes on the surface of your eyebrows giving them a more real and persistent look. Due to the following reasons, people go for microblading

  • People with uneven and twisted eyebrows.
  • They have thin or withered eyebrows.
  • Women who want to look beautiful with thick eyebrows.
  • People who are tired of penciling their eyebrows without getting the desired look.
  • Have lost their eyebrows due to medical reasons.
  • Have tried plucking eyebrows to get a perfect shape but fail.


 Microblading may sound like a two-minute job, but in reality, the process will take several hours to finish. Moreover, for positive outcomes, you must consider the best artist for microblading. Because the technique demands both precise tools and expert hands.

Xanadu Med Spa can provide you with trusted Fort Collins microblading services. We have dedicated our time, energy, and professionalism to ensure that you get a fresh and rejuvenating look. By providing modern cosmetic procedures in the cozy environment of the spa, we help our clients to enhance their beauty.


You need an expert and skilled makeup artist for microblading Fort Collins who knows even the finest details of the procedure. And our spa is renowned for providing unsurpassed microblading services.

We recently collaborated with Mary Ritcherson who is an award-winning micro-blading permanent makeup artist. An expert handling your eyebrow treatment is quite a relief.

We offer the latest digital microblading technology which is way better than traditional microblading. Digital microblading uses nano-needles to plant hair in the eyebrow area and deliver more precise results as compared to microblading. Some advantages of digital microblading include:

  • It causes less bleeding, bruises and pain.
  • The procedure takes less time to implement.
  • The nanoneedles strengthen the hair stroke.
  • The hair brows implanted through digital microblading have strong pigments and are long-lasting.
  • Our microblading cost in Fort Collins is reasonable as compared to others offering this procedure.

Contact Xanadu Med Spa to consult our expert and schedule your appointment. Get 15% off on your first services with us: 970-698-7373.

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