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Intensive Outpatient Program Lancaster

When seeking help for alcohol or drug addiction, rehab centers will present you with different kinds of treatment. They’ll make recommendations based on various factors, including the severity of your addiction, detoxification requirements, and your availability to participate in the program. To increase your chances of recovering successfully, it’s advisable to consider your addiction specialist’s suggestions on the ideal form of treatment for you. Intensive outpatient is a program that your physician may recommend after an evaluation. IOP bridges inpatient and outpatient treatment in terms of intensity and time commitment.

At New Day Rehab Center, we have an intensive outpatient program in Lancaster. So, if you’re looking for the finest ‘addiction counseling near me,’ we’ll let you known if IOP is right for you after a thorough assessment.

Who is Intensive Outpatient For?

During intensive outpatient treatment in Lancaster, you’ll be required to come to our rehab facility for a few hours several days a week. During that time, you’ll receive Lancaster addiction counseling, therapy, and other services to help with your recovery. So, how do we decide if IOP is for you? An intensive outpatient program is perfect for:

  • People Who Have Completed Detox

If you’re done with detox, you can start IOP because you’ll no longer be physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. This will enable you to focus on rehab without battling cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Otherwise, getting into an outpatient program without completing detoxification can make your recovery efforts futile.

  • Those with Unavoidable Daily Obligations

People who can’t take leave from work, family, or other obligations yet require intensive addiction treatment can benefit from IOP. Sessions for therapy and counseling are usually scheduled in the evenings or mornings, allowing you to engage in your daily routine during the day. In the few hours you’ll spend in rehab, you will have access to the professionals and resources you need for your recovery.

  • If You’re Transitioning from A Higher Level of Treatment

Going from residential or inpatient treatment to an outpatient rehab can be overwhelming for most people. That is because while an inpatient program is highly restrictive, IOP offers a lot more freedom and requires much less time in rehab.

IOP serves as a transitional phase in that, although you’ll have more freedom, you will still be under constant care and monitoring. That way, you’ll gradually transition into life outside a rehabilitation facility without making major unsettling changes to your treatment routine.

  • Individuals with a History of Relapse

People who have been to rehab before but relapsed are better off going to an IOP rehab than receiving outpatient treatment. In IOP, they’ll spend more time receiving guidance and support from their Lancaster County addiction therapist than they would in a less intensive program, and this can boost their chances of maintaining sobriety.

Unsurpassed Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Lancaster

While attending an intensive outpatient program in Lancaster can be beneficial, sometimes it’s not the right form of treatment to seek. As leading experts in addiction evaluations and treatment in Lancaster, we can advise you when IOP is suitable and when to consider a different level of care. Contact New Day Rehab Centers for the best addiction counseling and treatment in town: (877) 734-2244.

Intensive Outpatient Program Lancaster