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I know right!? Ok, so cloth menstrual pads are a washable, reusable alternative to disposable pads. Pretty sweet, right?

  • The regular absorbency pads are good for light to moderate flows. They are 100% cotton, with a layer of terry cloth (towel material) inside for absorbency. Cotton is a moisture wicking and breathable fabric, which allows menstrual fluid to dry rapidly, keeping you comfy and dry. This also means that these cloth pads can absorb a surprising amount of fluid!
  • The heavy absorbency pads are perfect for moderate to heavy flows. Heavy pads are longer than regular pads. These pads are primarily cotton, with cotton flannel and terry cloth for absorbency and breathability. Additionally, they have a layer of polyurethane laminate (PUL) inside. This is a waterproof, laminated fabric that protects you from leakage. The PUL lining extends throughout the entire base of the pad, so the wings are leakproof, too! The places where the PUL is punctured is a semicircle of stitching at one end of the pad, and the two snaps, of course!
  • The overnight cloth pads are great for heavy flows, and for overnight use. Overnight pads are longer than heavy pads, and flare out at each end. These pads are made of cotton flannel, cotton terry cloth, and PUL lining. The PUL lining extends throughout the entire base of the pad, so even the wings are leakproof! The PUL is punctured at the front end of the pad with a semicircle of stitching, and the two snaps on the wings.
  • Cloth liners are lovely for really light days, every day use, and as a backup for a tampon or menstrual cup. They are made of five layers of cotton. They are soft, barely noticeable, and peace of mind for that bit of protection.

That very much depends on your flow, you’ll know when it’s time to change it. On average, a person with a regular flow will use 3-4 pads per day, including the one worn to sleep. That’s why it’s great to get 6 or more pads so you have enough to last you until it’s time to do laundry!

Moody V regular absorbency pads and cloth liners are made with 100% cotton, which makes your down-there oh-so happy. Cotton is a breathable, moisture wicking fabric that creates a difficult environment for yucky bacteria to grow.

Disposable pads are mostly synthetic, which is fully not nice to your body. They’re made out of bleached wood pulp (what the?) and non-biodegradable materials.

Moody V’s heavy cloth pads and overnight cloth pads are also primarily cotton. They have a polyurethane lining inside, which keeps moisture from leaking through. This lining is non-biodegradable (I know, it sucks). But remember, you’re not just gonna throw it away, you’ll probably use it like, 100 times.

Period underwear is cool, honestly. The pros of cloth pads vs period underwear are: you can change your pad as many times as you’d like throughout the day, you can wear whatever underwear you want with them (boyshorts and cheeky undies aren’t recommended because the tail end of the pad can slide to one side), they work for people of all shapes and sizes, and cloth pads are primarily cotton (which makes our bodies very happy).

Rinse or soak with cold water ASAP to reduce staining. Machine wash cold, then air dry thoroughly.

If your pads appear misshapen when you take them out of the wash, gently spread them flat so they dry that way.

Some folks like to keep a container of cool water in their bathroom so they can soak their pads until they’re ready to wash them. This helps remove stains without using chemicals or potentially fabric-damaging products.

It’s recommended to avoid using fabric softener, as it makes fabric less absorbent.

Another good rule of thumb is not to use anything on your pads you wouldn’t wash your underwear with. Your pads are gonna be up close and personal with a sensitive area, so avoid harsh or irritating chemicals when washing them.

Cloth pads contain several layers of fabric, which means it might need extra time drying. Make sure they’re super dry after washing or dry them in the sun to prevent mildew. Do be aware that sun-drying can result in fabric discoloration.

When you’re ready to change your pad while you’re away from home, you can fold it up into a square (or rolled square if it’s an overnight pad) like this! [ID: a picture of a cloth menstrual pad folded up into a little square and secured with the snaps on it’s wings. The pad itself is primarily white with pink, purple, green, and black polka dots. The background is green with little white lines shining away from the pad, edited in.]

Then, you can stash it in a wetbag or ziplock bag until you get home. A wetbag is a zipper pouch that is lined with leakproof fabric. 

The regular absorbency pads are made with cotton flannel and cotton terry cloth (like a towel material). Liners are just cotton flannel. Ugh! So simple! Love that!

The heavy cloth menstrual pads and overnight cloth pads are made with cotton flannel, cotton terry cloth, and polyurethane laminate. Ugh! Slightly less simple but still wow amazing and great! Love that!

Look at the “Wh-. . . What? Who? Where? What?” question at the top of this FAQ page to learn out each variety of pads work!

Cold water is best to get blood out of fabric, and the sooner you rinse or soak your pad, the less likely it is to stain. Light colored pads will usually keep a faint stain on them if you don’t wash them in any special way.

If people like a light colored pad, I encourage them to embrace the stain, because that’s what the pad is meant for! “Used” doesn’t have to mean “ruined”! (smiley face)

If stains bother you, that’s totally okay too. I’d suggest a darker pad, like black! Those pads don’t show stains and you don’t have to worry about any pre-soaking to lift the blood.

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