About Moody V

Moody V is a queer-owned and operated company based in Portland, OR. It’s actually owned and operated by one person, me, Kay! Providing people who have periods with a comfy, cool-lookin, affordable, sustainable option for menstrual products is kind of my thing. These cloth pads are the stupendous reusable alternative to disposable pads. You won’t regret switching, friend!

Moody V Cloth Pads

Moody V is dedicated to its values of trans-inclusivity, accessibility, and talking about menstruation without shame. Terms like “feminine hygiene” or “women’s products” are exclusionary and inaccurate, so they won’t be used here. Words matter because YOU matter. Just like words matter, accessibility matters. Every product description contains an image description for blind and low-vision folks. If there’s ever a video posted to Moody V’s instagram, there will be captions. Accessibility matters because YOU matter. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if these standards are not achieved, or if they could be improved. Know that your inquiries, orders, and interactions with Moody V are welcome and received with so much gratitude. Folks like you are why Moody V is even a thing!

Meet Your Padmaker: Kay Butler [right] made their first reusable pad in 2017 when they were looking for alternatives to disposables. When Kay took that cloth pad on it’s first test-drive, they whispered, “Hell yeah”, and Moody V was born.

[Image Description: Two femme people standing next to each other, smiling with their hands up behind a table at a craft market. The table has two wooden boxes with cloth menstrual pads hanging inside and above them, with more pads arranged on the table. There is a sign hanging between the boxes that reads, “Cloth menstrual pads. 9 each. 6 for 45.” Behind them is a sign that says “Moody V”.]


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