Cloth Pad Absorbency | How Absorbent are Cloth Pads?

I see you, friend. You’ve switched to reusable shopping bags. You use tupperware instead of ziplocs. You tried a shampoo bar one time. You bring your cute to-go mug to your favie coffee shop.

And here you are! Trying to scope out new ways to be closer-to waste-free! Maybe you always use tampons or pads or liners and you just cringe every time you put another one in the garbage. Well, I’m so glad you’re here!!

The big question though: Can cloth pad absorbency really be that good?

The big answer: YES!! It’s a miracle, really.

Moody V pads come in two sizes/absorbencies. There’s a regular cloth pad absorbency pad that’s made of literally 100% cotton. The pad is cotton flannel (the patterned part), and cotton terry cloth (towel material). This one is perfect for light to regular days, or as a backup for tampons or cups. Because cotton is a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, it’s drying all the time. This cuts down on odor, bacteria growth, heat, and general discomfort associated with wearing synthetics around your down-there.

The other one is a leakproof pad, that has all the same stuff as the regular pad, but underneath the towel material is a layer of polyurethane laminate, aka PUL. This is the same material that is used in cloth diapers. It is a waterproof, yes, fricken waterproof fabric. These ones are good for regular to heavy days, to wear to sleep, or if you expect to pee your pants a little at some point during the day. This pad is the ultimate got-your-back cloth pad.

In conclusion, hell yeah.

P.S. cloth pads are cool