What Are Cloth Pads Made Of? | Moody V Pads

You may be thinking, “I am on my way to being a waste free icon and my period product waste is next on the list!”, or “I’ve had enough of these god forsaken sticky strips of sadness that society has had THE AUDACITY of forcing upon us for TOO LONG!!”.

Then here you are, googling “what are cloth pads made of?” as you imagine the possible horrors that reusable pads may ensue.

Well, friend, calm your mind. I’m here to tell ya that cloth pads do their jobs real well. Moody V pads are made of:

  • Cotton.
  • Cotton…
  • Cotton!
  • and maybe some Polyurethane Laminate if you wanna get interesting

The regular absorbency pads are made of cotton flannel and cotton terry cloth (towel material). That is all! But don’t worry, it’s not an *uhhh, THAT’S IT!??!?* situation, it’s more of an *ahhhh… that’s all there is to it* situation. 

Cotton is a moisture wicking fabric that is constantly doing it’s thing trying to get dry, even while you’re bleeding all over it. That means:

  • Bacteria is not gonna stick around and cause smelliness or itchiness.
  • No squishy yucky feeling that you have to carry around until you can change your pad. (There will be some of that until it dries up a little bit).
  • No plastic  or adhesives that hold in heat and moisture like *shoots glares at a disposable pad* THAT guy…..

There’s also a Leakproof pad that is lined with the same fabric that’s used in cloth diapers. I’m talking WA-TER-PROOF! So if you’re like, “pshhh cotton pad? I would bleed thru that puny thing in 15 minutes.”, Moody V Leakproof pads have got. your. back. Well, technically, your uterine lining.

We wear cotton underwear because our bodies do really well with it. When we experience natural discharge between periods, we know it’ll dry up soon enough. Same idea with cloth pads! Don’t even worry about it. You’re gonna love it.