Benefits of Cloth Menstrual Pads

What are the benefits of cloth menstrual pads? Oh my Josh, the list goes on and on.

My name is Kay, and I’m a padmaker for Moody V. I’ve been making cloth pads for as long as I’ve been wearing them, which is about three years now! Actually, the first thing I ever sewed on a machine was a cloth pad, and that was the first cloth pad I’d ever tried! Since then, I have been a lean, mean, padmaking machine. (I’m actually a soft, nice, padmaking machine).

Ok so there’s my credibility, now here’s every benefit of cloth pads I can even fricken think of right now. IF I think of another one, I will whisper it to my dog later. Or maybe make another blog post.

Benefits of cloth menstrual pads:

  • Cloth pads are reusable! Moody V pads can be washed and reused for yeeeeaaars!!
  • Switching to reusable pads saves you hundreds of dollars over the course of your cloth pad’s lifespan. Think of how often a menstruator might buy a box of disposable pads! 
  • Moody V regular absorbency cloth menstrual pads are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, moisture-wicking, absorbent, breathable, and comfortable. No wonder folks want to make stuff out of cotton!
  • Leakproof pads from Moody V also have a waterproof lining called PUL fabric, or polyurethane laminate. That keeps moisture from getting to the backside of the pad, while the rest of the cotton pad is drying!
  • Moody V Cloth Pads can be washed in the washing machine, and dried in the dryer (though some users might prefer to airdry, since they can lose their pretty shape in the dryer).
  • Cloth pads are comfortable AF. Seriously. Lots of folks mention how surprised they were when they first tried a cloth pad, saying it feels like a snuggly hug! Check out Moody V cloth pad reviews here.
  • Cloth pads are waaaaay cuter than disposables. You can get pads with cactuses on them, galaxy pads, rainbow pads, masculine pads, you name it! Disposable pads make my eyes go like this: /:
  • Reusable pads don’t have any fragrances, plastics, or adhesives, which makes using them a whole lot more cozy. (Screw you, sticky wings, I’d like to keep my pubes, thanks!!)
  • They’re CONVENIENT! When you buy cloth pads, that’s kind of IT for a while. You don’t have to put menstrual products on your shopping list anymore. You just have them around all the time! That means no more late night emergency trips to the drug store! Yay!!!
  • When you buy cloth pads from companies like Moody V, you’re supporting small businesses! More often than not, the people making and selling cloth pads on Etsy are women-owned businesses.

In conclusion, reusable cloth menstrual pads rule, and their benefits look different for each user! I started using cloth pads years ago, and I’ve never once thought about switching back. They’re just too darn convenient, too darn cute, and too darn comfortable.